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When one look at the Photography of JACQUES BREEDT, one is struck with the natural simplicity of his beautiful images.
His images are informal, creative and different. His style can be described as “PHOTO JOURNALISTIC AND DOCUMENTARY WITH AN ARTISTIC FEEL.”
“I view my work as an art form . I have an unique approach to wedding photography and a style that ranges from the Traditional Romantic
(Formal Portraiture & Shamelessly romantic shots) to Reportage or StoryBook style (This magazine or Candid style of wedding photography has become increasingly popular).”Why Me
Choosing your wedding photographer is no easy task. The quality and character of your wedding photographs are solely dependent upon your choice of photographer, and therefore photographer selection is a decision you should not take lightly.
You must be satisfied beforehand that your wedding photographer is competent, clearly understands your wishes, knows exactly what to expect in terms of timing and activities, will deliver what is promised, and is personally compatible with you and your future spouse. That is a tall order.

Fortunately, I am qualified to fill that role.